Books by Alex Rushton

The Asymmetric Man Front cover
This is the first volume in a Blake Carter trilogy:

Embark on a gripping journey of sacrifice and self-discovery in The Asymmetric Man, a thrilling tale set against the tumultuous backdrop of the Vietnam War. Follow Blake, a young recruit turned undercover agent, as he navigates the treacherous world of espionage, survival and forbidden love. From war-ravaged Saigon to seemingly impenetrable jungle and the tranquility of a Buddhist monastery, this riveting novel explores the power of recognizing and embracing one’s true calling, no matter the cost.

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The Girl at Conway Place front cover
This is the second volume in the Blake Carter trilogy:

1986. Cathy Simpson is a single mother with a young son, Jason, living in a flat in Conway Place, north London. Desperate to provide her boy with a father figure, she joins a dating agency and meets the charming and attentive Simon Scott, who forms a strong bond with Jason. Although Simon and Cathy marry she can never forget the man who was Jason’s father. Cathy’s best friend, Holly, takes it upon herself to discover his whereabouts, a task which has unexpected consequences for everyone.

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Sunrise at An Lac front cover
This is the third volume in the Blake Carter trilogy:

2033. In a world wracked by natural disasters, a man-made pandemic and a terrifying wave of fundamentalism, only charismatic leader Ajahn Annando and his loyal followers can save humanity from obliteration.
Steadfast Erin, intellectual Ajit, gentle Stefano and adolescent Tom, are sent out to raise up support among the oppressed. The stakes are high, the opposition ruthless.
Can they succeed? Will humanity survive?

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