Books by Alex Rushton

Sunrise at An Lac
Sunrise at An Lac was Alex's first published novel. Further details are here

'This engaging novel provides a modern parable for how things might be if we do not take equal care of our communities and our planet.' Patricia Jones, author and playwright

'This novel, by new author Alex Rushton, has everything - adventure, intrigue, sex and war! The suspense continues right through to the end. I await the next novel with eager anticipation.' Colin Baker

'In Sunrise at An Lac the author has skilfully woven a tale of intrigue and visionary leaning into the pathos of world ruin. Skilfully plotted, it is action-packed and yet the subject matter is something that dominates the world stage. Written with deep understanding, it begs to be read. If you want a thinking man's thriller with meat on its bones, this is for you.' Shalbey Bellaman, writer

The Girl at Conway Place

The Girl at Conway Place is a romance with menace from Alex Rushton. The publication date for this novel has yet to be determined, but is expected to be during 2019.
Its protagonist Cathy Simpson is a single mother seeking a husband for herself and a father for her young son. This search is doomed as the man she chooses turns out to be less than ideal.

The Girl at Conway Place is a prequel to Sunrise at An Lac.

The Asymmetric Man

The Asymmetric Man
is a romantic thriller from Alex Rushton
Its protagonist BLAKE CARTER, while a Cambridge undergraduate, is recruited into MI6, operating in Vietnam in the late 1960s. While there he is tested to his limits and embarks on a spiritual journey.

This is a work in progress, and is a prequel to The Girl at Conway Place