Sunrise at An Lac

Sunrise at An Lac Front Cover
Alex Rushton's apocalyptic new novel is set in the near future but in a very changed world.

2033. In An Lac ashram, at the tranquil heart of the Swiss Alps, a small group of men and women finds their oasis of peace under threat from the rise of religious fundamentalism and the catastrophic events of the outside world, where tsunamis have wiped out half the planet's coastline.
Their charismatic leader, Ajahn Annando, has followers worldwide who look to him for guidance. Compelled to act, he establishes An Lac as a resistance command centre. Ralph's difficult adolescent son Tom, steadfast Erin, the intellectual Ajit, and gentle Stefano who cares for the ashram's livestock, are now thrown into unfamiliar roles.
Forced to turn their energy outward from their utopian community, they journey to the desert in Turkey, to the fiefdom of the tribal leader, Jawal Kowi, and to the chaotic, frightening city that Madrid has become. In the face of ruthless opposition each will encounter challenges, both emotional and physical, they would never have foreseen or chosen.

This is their story.

Sunrise at An Lac was published on 11th July 2014, by SCRIPTORA, in association with the Society of Women Writers and Journalists (SWWJ).
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